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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  NBC  February 7, 2016 6:30am-7:00am MST

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among the candidates? ant: well, new hpshire vors break late and they often break together, so ink we'r going to see one candidate, the republican field, probably get lot of that la-breaking, last 48 hour ve. of course, they make uth miin the last 48 hours. we don't know wtheyre goi with. there'a big fight among e governorfor one seat left at tablbetweegovernors cis chstie, jeb bushnd john kasich to move on and beiabland on t democratic si, you're seeinrnieanrs way, way ahead but noby thin this is gog to be a 20 point race. fernando: well, meiod chris christie your newspaper endd him what's haing with hi and if you could share, very briefly, why you think he is the man? grant: well, he's been tested. he's been a u.s. attorney, prosecuting government corruption, rrorm cases. he'been goverthat tackled tax reform. he vetoeevery x inea came to his desk. we think he's shown how he will
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pretty impreive freshman nators who, frankly, don't have that reco of leadership. just, athey haven't been ounds ngo pre . fernando: d i rstand that the publisher of your neaper has en attacked as well becae of ts endorsement? so what's re going o gran yeah, the new jersey pers that ve been critical of chris cistie thatidn' like our endorsement too much. we had some very strong opinions onr. trump's candidacy, and h didn't like tt o mu. , whenou go out there andhave strg opinions as weo at the "union leader," some peoe e goto dree and we welcome that. it's all part of the primary.fel ht, t, ank you so much r joinin to ant: thanks, fnando rndo: ow tto carl cannon, wainonure chi real clear polics, w kns fiand the political terrain in newre carlwelcome back tth program. carl: thank t'plsure to be re. rnando: so a l of exciting things arepening in the next few weeks. obously nehampshire right away, and then also south calina, then nevada. hoe yowaming this? how do youeet? wh do u thk gngo
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cawell, look, we're the news business. we're like the candes; 's like a video game, this stuff isjust coming ats, right?nehampshe first. two days from now, t n mpshire primary winswer a lot of thesens we . berniend hilry into on the demoaticide, a tie iight?thing wadecided. right? rnieanrs wins theraybe you have a race. maybyou actually have, instead of a coronion on the deaticid an argument over the future of the crat petwe two caides, o you knowave accompshed a lot in politics. a serious conversationfeandoyolook at the republican maybe a b o a surprisehat ted cr overwhelmed trum relative to the polls anyway. what dyou thinwill happen new mpir is the grogame thatrump has or doesn't have is gog to be iortant there carl: look, a grou gam important in n hampshire, too. not iortant as wa, uc state. ump d uz sort ofli flopped. ey wnning one two anit
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the re story there was marco bio, really outperfoed his s and came a very strong thir much cler to trump than trump wato cru so you have the three people coming out of io with momentum. in newre, trump's go advantages he didn've in iowa. r one thing, it's a primar th'ifnt. you cagoote. you dot have go at:00. yogo anyti, all day long. ane other ing is'an open primary.fernan: mocan sh,reblca-- mocrs. ere's body in iowa's a democrat tt went to the republican caucus. just don't do that. t plenty of democrats v althou sanders may keep them you know, we keep, reporters ke running into theeoe, fernan, aney'll tell athese rlies, i'either voting for trump or saers. now, in washington, we go what? this a very confused person. maybe t. it's the opposite side of populi, but its pulism, ingsre bke thee n's gettg we
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gornment.trump has these othebogeymen, but same sort of emoonal appeal. so you're going to have css over votes in new hampshir fernando: and,quickly as we wrap up, when you look at trump's performance in wa, can you apolate anything toward new hampshire? inther words, he's ahead in thpolls, obvusly t's a different mechanism as youted out. you tnk hhas a ance o wiing? carl: i do. he was leading narrowly in iowa. he's leading re in the polls, in the realclearpolitics avere, in nehampshire than was in ioand in sou calina he's en more than new hampshe. there's no reason tohinkhat supp ghe. alay been thesfour guys. fernando: the goveor carl: the governors and cruz and marco rubio,ho are bunched there. kasich, jeb, marco, cruz, betwee12 points and 10 points, and one of twants to finis second and they may get the st momenm. bu there' rean to think trump goio loseew hae.
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real areciatur insight >> coming up, the war cris bringslio a brking point. >> we n noguarantee at this pointhat the water is safe t drin >> a nation rns tothe mayor
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of your retireme today! repchaffetz: ep. chaffetzthe public has a right toe outraged. outrag doesn't ev begin to cover it. fernando: that's representave jasochaftz, chairman of th house oversight committee, summing up public sentiment congressonfronts the criin flint, michigan. it'a disaster thais holding anntire city hostage. ent jessica llings gomez to fnt for a conversatiowith mayor karen weaver ahe cis ruggle to survive. mar weaver: when i dri through inava range of emotions. someays, i am dippnted about what happened.
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weaver, just three months into brd-new care. mayor weaver: i know what happened here in flint, nobody deserves. jessica: cos savg measure put high levels of lead contamination into water pes, exposing tens of thousands of people, ong them 9000 chdren. mar weaver: this habeen a breakdown in government. a eakdown in oversight. then it was a cover-up. jessica: while state and f while state and fedal helpas arrivedas well as private donions, the city is still suffering. mar av it is really d. if somebody wanto move, w will want to buy their hou op value has plummeted. jessa: mayor weaver says the city needs more thabottled water and filtration systems. mayor weaver: wneed service lines replaced. homethat he er six,
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as high lead, those witderly with elderl or compromised immune systems, that's a way to gestarted. the state to step up and owned this, but this is bigger sours. ssic while she is still outraged, she is also inired. yor weaver: there parts of me when i dre through flin i am opttic, happy. the will be better and brighter days ahead. jessic as the fier-pointing conts over just whos responsible for t water crisispridenti decratic debate has been scheduled here for march. mayor weaver says that so r the only preside candidate to contact her dectlis hillar clinton. flint, chigan, i am jsica gomes.fernando:o one knowthe re cost of thisisaster. by anyeasuit could have seitadn't bn for viinia tech proor w felt compell to fight for the ildren oflt. i spe with citizen scientist marc eards via skypebout w he took up theheir cause. professor, welcomeo e progm.
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havinge. rnando: sir, in this terrible try in flint, yoseem to be the one hope of a hero, maybe, if i'm not overstatinit. how did you get involv? profesr edwards:ell, there's ally so maeroes involved , and we we just helping tm, frankly. the flint residents figuredon tir o thaeir wate had high lead in ibecause their chdren got lead poisoned d eir gr was essenly d. a mothedithis all on her own, and also figured out that the state was not following federal law in terms of corrosion control,nd so we got volvedust to helthem in terms of monitorg their water for safety. fernando: but you so, sir, i understand, you put a trdous am oyo own resources into play. why did you do that? professor edwards: once we realized that none would help
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protect them were not gointo do the job, we went all in for flt. we formed team of 25 people. we wked alide fl resides to tt evy as of the water we und d high levelof legionella, at least in large buildings, and so that's the alth dension of the tgedy. thankfully, weere able to stop us from getting much, ch rse. fernando: and sir,'ve just beenppointedthe governor of michigan, who has been heavilcriticized for his inaction, or his team's action an you are w on this commission to try to resolve is i'a little mystifi bthe three-ar window to reporting. what's job one? what are you trying to achieve mediately to try to help the citizens? professor edwards: wt we have to dis make sure flint residents stay protected, ey keep using their filters and bottled r in the sho term. in the lger term, we've goto tr getelp foflint's
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on t of at, av applwithhis nmad disaster to int's critical inastructure, which was alo permanentldamad by this, and probably had anywhere from $40 milln to $200 million of damage it is an interesting legal a ethical prlem of how to resolve all of those problems, because the is no precedent. fernando: professor, thank you much for joing me today. professor wards: thank you. fernandoprofessor edwards tells me he's satisfied with the public apogy of governor ric snyder. edwards addethat elect offis we misd by bureaucrats, calling it a failure of conscice that endangered the pple of fli >> next, why t predent did something he'never donbefore president obama: we've heardinexcusable political rhic against muslim americans
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super wl is a t like politics presideba: an attack ononeace is an aack -- on onefah is aattack on a ourfa. -- fais. rnando: ving with fear and bigotry is a reality for most american muslims. according to a poll releasedy peresearch, almost half of american'beevthat.s. muims are an-america ushay hossain is a jrnist hadet with the prud as y know, a tremendouamount ofhetoric, anti-muslim rhetoric, in the campaign right noand lot ofeople a responding to negatively and meunfounely, positivy. ho that im you peonally? i'm interestedn sort of the man dimension of this, not the abstran. anhay:w, it afcts lot. it afftss a lot. women i won i know, schofamiy membs, any woman that covers, even if you're just weing the hecarf, yelled at, pusd at on the street. and you know, in washingtoit's really personal becae have so many think nks, and muslim
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fernando: soldrs. anushay: soldis. exactly. president obama pointed out yestery, even our i. staff. but's been terrible, i think especily for t muslims that are most visible, whicsadl are n th brds womeno cover. fernan: let me askyou mentned presidt ama. spo at mosque. what did tt meo you?. anushay: his rhetoric has alys been great. peleight, yoow -- he's eneen accused f beg mu. [laughr] so it s funny to note that, wow, he actuly has never spoken from a u. mqu not to say hha't visited mques he's en overseabut ink it's been tricky for obama. he'ki of hatoaneuver algationof being a muslim while stding up fomuslimsrndothat's nd oa funnphitself. ones allegation likno one allegatns of being a tholic or anything like that. so, when y look rward, how will ts rhetoric impact america? how doou thihishetoric diad ck?
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conversation, the fact tt you and i are talkinabout it. the fact that mainstre mia is asking, how do muslims feel? is this ue? yes, there is some uncomfortable qutis and eotypes that are ing raised in the midst of alofhis, b ihink there is a silr lining, whh muslim americans are coming forth. we're saying, "no, thiss not acceptable." we're speing out re than ever, and we're kind of re-claiming the naativu n'be dmisse of the fahaesidofhe unittaspent over minutes at aque prching ve, reect. 's importan fernando, thiskind moechnicalstio i guess,ut whespoke, womenare nolowed to s sohow she interpret at asmericans? the president of the uni ates goes alacehere, efctively, half of the population of the unit stas can't be. anus tt is sh faastic questi. and yoknow, as a muslim, feministamerican, bangladeshi, i t know welse, m? iter, anything else you can
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'nflig.we'renlni py or lead prayer, but we're denied in thceral parts of the ue. it's li going tvatican an you get to py in there hall rm inhe front, and i get toray behi t bathroo the back. buthink one step at a time. he can't go to the mosque d say, feminism, womn in islam, an-americanism, everything. so one step at a te. i think it's good that you ked that question, and people need to ask ibecause it's conversati that needtoe had. feo mostemocrats a : publicans agreedith onequti in the pesuey- dimition ainst musms in america is on the re.>> just ahead, from the pying field tthe campai tilhow labels could limit these trailblazers. an takinpoliti to the grave.
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,,,,,,,,,,,nando: tre fnand there a f onalommunal experiences these ys. some would argue there a too few. the sur bowl is one of them. the oscars anoth. pridalctionsmo impornt the supebo and the oars are nothout their own politica ortones, reting era' sgths problems. cam newt, caro's all-pr quarterbacs ung, hip, an blk. he haseasy manr thaturns riouwh about the revance of an african-american quarrback appeing the nfl'chpionshipam you asked me a question about africaamerican, or b black t iggeth tt. fernando nton is not the first : black quarterback to lead
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told reporters tt e blk label is limiting. we limit ourselves when welal ou label ourselve do is a sentimenshed : byol aters who s the la orsit r neesr tis. >> this is about chin th are ing to sit down and they arnot goto s the reested. fernando: are we limiting uth-ing il if they don't depict the participation of pple of color in eric li americis oessed with firsts, with accomishments tooofte ewed as exceptions. we havachieved a first in the elecon of barack obama. nowe talk about having two latino candidates in the top tier of republican candidas. we might ect a woman a jewish democtic socialist -- anof those would be fits. will this beyond
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lits? i'd like to know your though. t e @mactt check in on facebook or coect withur video se tow share videos from all r programs. >> when return, dying to g your vote.
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fernand a par fernando: parti thoug today, that ga u we ned a tndn ci med that giv n meaning to the preson, dyinwish we spotted retweets of uaries le is where a new of flowers, don't te for hillary. or this one. whe the family of a nort you noto vote for hilly in 2016. and it's noa nsvati en 's bi-partisan. e atlanta man's final requesea d'vo f tmp
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now, notll obituaries have goneegative. somere endorsements -- parently much appreciated by donaldrump, who re-tweeted thisneaying, "thank u so much. nest must have been great person." thank you for joinings day. i'm fernando espues, and we'll seu agn ne ek f"matt."
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grant meech is live in cafornia for supbowl 50. we'll talk to him about is sy week....and his final tak on the big game. its scary. i have two cldren. puebloommunity still in shock afr a deadly shooting this weekend. we'll hahe latest on the steel city'sirst homice of e ar. and north korea causing some global controversy after aiming tput a sallite to orbit. th korea a the u are now calling for. good morning and welcome to news fi tod weekend. it's saturday -- feb. 7th. i'm gregingrdo- d i'm jessica van mete
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